MPX4250AP Pressure Sensor

MPX4250AP Pressure Sensor

V1.1MPX4250AP pressure sensor.fzpz (19.8 KB)

Added 2 missing mounting holes - holes now appear in drill.txt Gerber
Added missing top copper - now suitable for 2 sided boards.

Part has same id as the old so you have to manually delete the old one if it’s installed.

Evidently the manufacturers recommended mounting is flat side up, opposite to the above.
I like the flat side to the PCB, but if anyone wants the factory mounting configuration here it is.

I flipped the PCB and Breadboard svgs -.

V1.0MPX4250AP pressure sensor2.fzpz (18.9 KB)

Thank you for making this. I’m currently making project with MPX5100DP

Are you planning to make the differential version of this?

Do you mean the twin barb version with 4 pins.