MPL3115A2 Spark fun breakout

Does anyone have a Fritzing part for the MPL3115A2 spark fun breakout? In the application I can only find the actual surface mounted piece. This is the one I am talking about . Thankyou!

It should be in core parts. If you don’t see it, upgrade to the latest parts repository from github. Search for MPL3115A2 in the core parts search window (hit return to do the search) then drag the breakout board in to the sketch. This if Fritzing 0.9.9 on Win 10, but the parts repo is the same for all Fritzing versions.


Thankyou a ton, I had no idea my parts folder was outdated. That solved all of my problems!

It used to check for new parts at every startup, but I think that may have been removed as it took a couple of minutes (when Fritzing didn’t respond) and if you closed Fritzing it corrupted the user files. So it may be you now need to click check for updates to get new parts (there haven’t been many lately!)