Moving VIA's on a PCB

I am rather baffled here so thought to throw this question to the forum as I am sure there must be an easy way to move via’s about on a pcb design but I cannot find how to do it.

When I insert a via onto my PCB design I sometimes need to move it to a better location, but when I click on the via it keeps wanting to create a connection so I cannot find a way move it other than delete it. This is even more problematic if I have already connected the via’s.

I look forward to any tips on how to solve this.

Thank you.


There are basically 2 spots on the via. One spot is the outer area of via, and the other spot is the centered area of the via. The part you keep clicking on is this center area of the via. When you hover towards the center you’ll always be creating a wire. If you zoom into that via, try hovering on the outer area until you see the via highlight as a transparent grey square. Then click and move as necessary when you find the grey square around the via. Sometimes I find a via a bit rough to move depending where it was placed and what is currently attached

Good Luck

Thanks @landracer that works perfectly… that’s made things so much easier now :grinning: