Moving parts ouside the grid


I found a possibility to move wires outside the default grid, but none to move the parts except moving them with position data. Is the a way / keyboard combination to move them outside the grid? Or is there a way to disable the grid in general?


While I’m not real clear on what you are asking (uploading a sketch, the .fzz file, upload is 7th icon from the left which shows the problem is best) the snap to grid can be disabled in the View menu here:


clicking on Align to grid toggles between aligning and not aligning. Set grid size will change the size of the grid.


Hi Peter,

Although my question was if there is a keyboard shortcut to move parts outside the grid, I have to be honest and didn’t look for that feature in the view menu. I can work with that solution. Many thanks for that hint which I stupidly didn’t check…