Move Labels in PCB-view

Hi, I’m new to Fritzing, so please be nice to me :wink:

I am trying to move the labels in the PCB-view and I am having a hard time.
When I select on object the dott’ed line around the label is LightGray/Black striped and not Black/White striped like around the object - and I can not move the label. If I try to click on the label the BCP gets selected.
I have found a quite cumbersome workaround:

  1. Select the Object
  2. Delete
  3. Undo (Ctrl-Z)
    The border around the label is now Black/White (like the one around the object) and I can move the label.

Any suggestion what I am missing/have done wrong?


They are hard to select sometimes in dense part zones. The label doesn’t do much so you keep clicking and dragging in all areas of it until it moves. Sometimes you have to select it in a different view, come back to the original view and change the location in the Inspector to move it away to a less dense area so you can change stuff and move it.

One thing that has bitten me a number of times is having only bottom layer selected when trying to move a label. As you note it looks a little different and won’t move. Selecting either top layer or both layers at the bottom of the pcb window (third icon from the left) makes the label movable.

Peter Van Epp

Ahhh, that was it! I had changed the PCB to single-layer from double-layer, changing it back to double-layer solved it. I can now “manipulate” all the labels without using my “workaround”.