Mosfet hexfet irf7319

This is my first attempt at creating a custom part (so be gentle). I modified an existing part and don’t know how to use Inkscape so the schematic image is not electrically correct. The pin labels and function are correct. If anyone knows how to use Inkscape, feel free to modify the breadboard image, schematic image and icon.

MOSFET - HEXFET - IRF7319.fzpz (6.5 KB)

Just for your info, get your .fzpz and change the extension to .zip and open the sch svg with Inkscape.

Just go EDIT/XML Editor and study the XML structure.
You can click on nodes in the XML Edit and they select in the actual svg.
In the Editor you can indent, un-indent, delete, create.

Thanks for the info on how to edit the SVG. My main issue is I’m not proficient at using Inkscape to modify the internal circuit of a part. I hope to master this limitation over the next few weeks.

Actually mastering Inkscape is the hardest part of making parts, once you know the format FZ wants.