More user-friendly part positioning

I have many dimension view for boards incl. distances for holes etc. I was trying to position some holes (standard on the dimension view the position of holes given from left and top border of the main board to middle of hole) but in fritzing it is a nightmare to do. I can give the position of part only the left and top corner, not the middle of the the hole. I could calculate but, every single parts have different offsets. Even ruler, if I set left 0 mm and top 0 mm I have few mm offset.
Also if we rotate a part, the positioning massed up.

That would be nice, to make it much more user-friendly.
We could set up some different color vertical and horizontal lines that runs through the whole pcb view, the position also could be manually set up, and have no offsets.
Visually show the middle of the holes/parts.
Make every parts without offsets for positioning, also if we rotate the part.
Ability to set the reference point of the left and top position (whatever corner or middle of the parts)