Molex PicoFlex connectors

Hi. Does anybody have made any part for the Molex PicoFlex connectors, through hole, pitch 1.27mm (50mils), mainly the 16 pin version (part number 90325-0016)?
Or there is some general purpose connector with same pitch/pins to study a PCB layout?

There is a generic “pin header” under “Connecection” in core parts. Place it, then go to Inspector to change the properties.

  • Form molex
  • pins 16
  • pin spacing 0.05in (1.27mm)

I do not know if that matches the part you want, but it should get close.

Note you will also need to use advanced settings to set the hole and ring thicknesses as at the small (.7mm setting) on the left the pads still overlap. I needed to get down to .3mm for both for no overlap. You would need to check the connector data sheet for appropriate sizes. A custom part may be easier.


Thanks. I already tried with that part, is close to the one I need, but there is no adjustment in the Alternating option, so the rows of pins are too much close each other.
At the moment for the 16pins I used two 8 pins headers with 2.54mm spacing mounted alternate in order to rebuild the connector pinout, even if the schematic is really terrible.
That is because I was searching for something more accurate.
Does anyone knows how to modify the library in order to have that spacing programmable (or simply different)?

Inspector for the part has a “position” option, which is supposed to allow switching between center and alternating. Alternating though is not available for molex.

For the pcb footprint, see how close this gets.

  • pins: 16
  • row: single
  • form: female
  • position: alternating
  • package: through-hole
  • pin spacing: 0.05in (1.27mm)
  • hole diameter: 0.3 mm
  • ring thickness: 0.38 mm

The diameter and thickness probably still need adjusting. I just tried a few numbers until design rules check passed