Molex Part & ECAD import

I am new in the forum, and I would like to know how to import ECAD model as a part.

As an example, I need a Molex 2x2 connector part and found
0430450401 footprint, schematic symbol and 3D model by Molex

Should I create it from scratch (so how ?) or I can import it ?

Many thanks for your help,

As far as I know ECAD doesn’t support the Fritzing format (probably due to breadboard view but I don’t know.) A couple of folks in the past have asked about it and been told to ask the ECAD folks but I haven’t ever seen a follow up. So you would likely need to make a custom part (or get one of us to make one for you.) There are some molex connectors in generic headers but possibly not this particular one. A quick google search for

fritzing part molex 0430450401

doesn’t turn up a part either. There doesn’t appear to be a dual row molex available in the generic connector either so I would guess you are at a custom part.

attempting to select double row doesn’t select any parts indicating there isn’t one in the parts factory.


Hi Peter,
Thanks for your answer. I am using the 2x2 pin model as describe in the link

The thing is there is a ‘hole’ under the connector to be able to clip it.
What is the process to get someone make it for me ?
Many thanks,

This part should do what you want. Before ordering boards print the footprint out at 1:1 scale and compare it to a real part.

molex-0430450401.fzpz (3.8 KB)


Hi Peter
I have tried and looks great ! Many thanks for your help !
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Hi Peter,
Seems I cannot have the “New Message” button, and don’t have “Message” under your avatar. Did I miss something ? Many thanks

For me this works:


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