Molex 10 Pin Minfit Jr

Requesting a Molex 10 Pin Minfit Jr. Felmale/male pins connector model.
Or, if there is something similar ?

There is a molex setting for generic connectors, but it appears to be only single row not dual. So I guess a new part is required for now (a fix to the parts factory is the long term answer). Do you need female or make on the board or both?


Hi Peter,
I tried making a part in the part editor and did not get very far.
I need a female plug, but the pins are male.

Used the Generic Male pin header but the spacing is not right.

Just something with 4.20 pin spacing. Can’t figure out where the spacing is set / editable.

Thank you!

OK here is a part that should do the job. As always print out the pcb foot print at 1:1 and compare it to a real part. It should be right according to the data sheet, but I may have misread it.

edit: replace with a correct (I hope!) version of pcb view.
edit2: replace the original with the proper fzpz rather than an unrelated relay …

molex-10pin-minfit-jr.fzpz (8.5 KB)


Wow that was fast! I had no idea I could print things out. How do I ensure it is printing at 1:1? Is that the default setting of any printer or are there special settings? That must have been a pain in the butt to the print feature to print exactly on all printers…?

When I print it out, the spacing for the pins are correct, but the spacing between rows seems to be off about 3 or 4 mm. According to the printout the rows need to be further apart from each other.

Very good. you managed to catch me not paying attention and reusing the between pins spacing for the row spacing instead of the correct value. I have replaced the part with one with that corrected. I assume you also figured out the printing part (luckily so, because the couple of times I have made boards I used the gerber output and so have never printed one out!). This is a small part and only took an hour or so to do (for me, at least which is why it is usually profitable for me to do it).


I am happy to donate… Where?

The file you replaced above is a different file all together.

We need the Molex MiniFit Jr 10 Pin. Not sure what Songle-Sla is


The Songle is a relay I made for someone. Just replaced it with the corrected (I hope!) Molex. Donations here work:

while every bit helps I think we need wholesale donations rather than retail (or a lot of retail …)


Ok I got it now!!!

Assuming your sketch is already routed (and you don’t want to re route it), then you need to right click on the part in the sketch and click delete minus (which deletes the part but not the traces). Now you need to go to the mine parts bin on thr right side, and right click on the part in there and select “Remove part” and answer yes when it asks if you are sure. You probably need to shutdown and restart Fritzing at this point so it realizes that it has deleted the part (for me it usually gives the already exists error if I don’t). Now you can load the new part and drag it from the mine parts bin in to the sketch. Then you need to click on each wire, drag it a bit back from the relay pin then drag it on to the pin til the pin goes green to indicate a connection, unfortunately you need to do this in all views, but it is usually better than rerouting the sketch.