Modem GSM/GPRS Ai A6

Hi everybody.
Does anyone have a link to a resource providing it?
the modem is this

It’s a very cheap component and very usefull !!!

As always google is your friend. There is the start (schematic only at the moment) of a Fritzing part here:

If you want breadboard you (or someone) would need to make one, for which you would need the dimensions of the board (a quick search didn’t turn up any documentation on the board only the A6 module itself which is on the board).


Thanks … I saw it but what I thought was a “full image” for a breadboard.

the problem is the “pin spacing”: if i use a generic IC object I can set it to 900mil, but is not enough (10 holes).
How can I set it to fit as 11 holes of a perfboard?

You would need to use an svg editor such as Inkscape to edit a suitable svg (I usually find some existing part with a breadboard that is close and swipe that). Here are pointers to a couple of tutorials on parts creation that may help:

Unfortunatly a closer look (and exporting the part) from the project indicates it is likely a not so good starting point, as the schematic changes aren’t reflected in the schematic svg. So I used Inkscape and 2 12 pin female connectors and your two pictures above to make an approximate breadboard view of your part (the board size may be a little off) with the appropriate pins for your part. The forum won’t upload svg files correctly so this is actually an svg file called fzpz.
So download it, rename it from svg.A6_breadboard.fzpz to svg.A6_breadboard.svg and you should be able to import it in parts editor as your breadboard. If that doesn’t work post the fzpz of your not working part and I’ll have a look at what I screwed up :slight_smile:

svg.A6_breadboard.fzpz (38.8 KB)


Thanks !!! I really appreciate it.

You are welcome. About half an hour or less for me to do probably a lot longer for you if you aren’t familiar with the tools.