MKR1000 fritzing part

Hi everybody! I would like to share the MKR1000 part

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Can you export the full part from your MINE parts bin, the extension should be .fzpz.

I’m getting a corrupted file.

Arduino MKR1000.fzpz (50.0 KB)

Here the file!

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There seams to be a problem with the PCB svg.

It imports into FZ 9.3 but crashes if you use it. The Breadboard and sch appear, but no PCB.

I go to edit the PCB in Inkscape, but it crashes also.

Try this please MKR1000v2.fzpz (86.6 KB)

That Breadbord view is a work of art. Amazing.

Things you might want to change for V1.1 is scale the Sch view smaller. Parts are tiny up against the board.

There is something not quite perfect in PCB. The contact circles are oval, like that group was scaled disproportionately, and the outline silkscreen is missing.

Non critical stuff you want displayed in PCB have to be in a group called “Silkscreen”, and critical stuff like contacts and holes have to be in Copper.

Opening the PCB up in Inkscape I can see all the parts, but I don’t think people add those parts because they obscure the parts on the shield if it’s added. People mainly want the outline and contact positions so they know where they are on their shield.

I can see lots of groups in in the XML editor of the PCB view, which I don’t think you need. Most parts only have a Silkscreen group for outlines and text, and Copper1 with Copper0 inside it, like you have, for two sided boards.

First of all I want to say the part looks awesome. Keep up the good work.

But is seams that the breadboard version doesn’t connect the 5V pin (and the pin on the opposite side). All the other pins are connected correctly.
I have no clue how to fix this myself (because I only started using Fritzing like 3 days ago), but would it be possible to also connect the 5V pin?

I believe you are right, there was an error in it somewhere. Try this one, I believe it will work better for you…


This one works perfectly!
Can someone please include these in the regular fritzing library?

It will be eventually… not sure who is in charge of library updates.

MANY Thanks for the fix on the MKR1000, Steelgoose . . . I needed that too.

Thanks for the grat part!
I added pin numbers to it so that it is easier to use.
Arduino MKR1000.fzpz (65.8 KB)