Missing tracks after Aisler produced my board

After having 13 boards being produced by Aisler without any problems because they were absolutely impeccable, I have now received a pcb from them which is a redesign of an earlier version which was also produced by them without any flaw.
But this time it is missing tracks all over that board. It is impossible to use it.
Have sent them an email with an attachment indicating the places where tracks
are missing. Does anybody have experience when they are responding when one
has a complain about a produced board? This because I do not have received any
response from them confirming they have received my mail.

Do you have a copy of the gerber information you sent to them? Did you compare that to what you were expecting to get? First thing to do is to compare the gerber content with the received pcb. If they are different, you can talk to them about why. It could also have been caused by an error in Fritzing during the export, or a corrupt part in you project. Certain errors in a part file will cause the part to be excluded during the export. Which is why the recommended process is to always print out the gerber file before ordering, and make sure it really contains what you are expecting.

Thanks for your reply. I have a question: how can I visualize those Gerber file?
These are only listings and so I cannot compare them.
But what I did is, after I uploaded those fritzing file to the Aisler site they produced
several pictures of my pcb including this one:

This picture, after I indicated those missing tracks in it, was sent to them for clarification although they did not ask this because, until now, there is now response from them.

You need a gerber viewing program. My environment is Fedora linux, and I use gerbv. If you are using Windows or Mac, you may needs something different. I do not know know if gerbv is works cross platform.

I am using PCLinuxOS as O.S. and will look for that program in Synaptic Package Manager. In the meantime that picture which I posted above is taken from Aisler’s site after I uploaded the fritzing file for production and after they did some processing on that file. So they must have received the correct version (I suppose).
Still waiting for their response…

Managed to get the gerber view. First had to install Kicad and the run gerbview:

Every track is there so there must got something wrong in the PCB processing.
Or am I interpreting this incorrectly?

hey @JoeAlders,

I’m one of the co-founders of AISLER. Would you mind pm’ing me your order number and I’ll try to exactly reproduce what and or how it went wrong? Usually we reply within the first 24h!


Felix, thanks for your response. Here the picture I took from the pcb.
There you can notice the missing tracks :

I will pm you the order number, although I have already sent you an email at hello@aisler.net and at felix@aisler.net

Yes gerbv is cross platform.


Since my last response here, Felix contacted me only ones to ask for project number etc. I send this to him together with the GerbView picture of my PCB.
Since then, despite I recently sent him two mails asking about the progress, there is no response from Aisler.
So my project has halted because I am still waiting for those new correct PCB’s.
Does anybody on this forum has some similar kind of experiences when receiving PCB’s which are not correctly processed? Or am I the only one here?

Update :
Aisler managed to get to the root cause of the missing tracks problem and after correcting this, the second run of my Tone Control PCB’s arrived at Monday 15th of February.
And… as always when Aisler produces your PCB designs: they are from IMPECCABLE quality! :smiley:
Thanks Felix for your help. Much appreciated.
Problem Solved!