Missing fab boards


I’ve been using Fritzing for a while but decided to try the Aisler fab for the first time about a month ago. The process for uploading boards and making changes was awesome! I was super excited about the whole process. Until…

I received a tracking number for my boards about 3 weeks ago. According to USPS, it is still in “pre-shipment” status. I’ve reached out to Felix (replying to the automated emails) multiple times and I never receive a response. It seems like 3 weeks is enough time to carry boards from the factory to a post office, yet I cannot get any confirmation that the order is ready to go. There is no other obvious way to reach out for support.

Any ideas on where to go next? Has anyone received boards from Aisler in the US recently?

Thanks for the help!

Just a quick update… Felix from Aisler just replied to my emails and is working on the problem. Good customer service!