Missing component

Does somebody has this component?

Thanks in advance!

Download the .fzz that you got that pic from and it might be in TEMP.

I got the image from Google. The project doesn’t have any .fz… file, @Old_Grey

Or at least tell us what it is. USB, HDMI, ? Looks like it may be USB and there are several USB connectors in core. As Old_Grey said if you have or can download the Fritzing .fzz file this is from (assuming that is a Fritzing drawing) it should have the part in the temp bin where it can be exported and reused.


It looks like FZ from the BB, so either someone made the part or svg-ed it. Either way look for a Goo image and it might lead you to it.

@vanepp USB, dude. I googled the image, but I didn’t find the .fzbz file of that component.

Type USB in to the parts search bar (the magnifying glass in the parts bin) and hit enter and a variety of USB connectors A, B, mini, micro male female (without the cable) and most anything with a USB connector will come up. One with a cable would be more difficult to do as Fritzing doesn’t support multiple connections in a single cable so you would need to drag seperate wires between the connections. If all you want is to show connectivity in breadboard a couple of parts could be made to take a wire that doesn’t connect to anything between them, but it won’t show in schematic or pcb. It depends what you are trying to do with the USB cable. If you want a full connection in all three views the connectors are your answer.