Misplaced silkscreen and cached part?


I have made my own part in Illustrator and I have a silkscreen layer/group in the svg file that I used for the PCB view. The elements in that layer show correctly in Fritzing, but no matter how I export the project, the silkscreen is misplaced in the preview of the PCB manufacturer (Checked Fritzing Fab, OSHpark, and gerber-viewer.com). I believe it is a Fritzing error, how can I fix this?

I tried then to remove the silkscreen layer from the file and created the part again. I have to give it the same name as before, but I make sure I delete the Fritzing folder from the Documents directory (to be sure I clear old versions of the part). I do not know why I still see the silkscreen even though the new version of the part should not have it. How can I be sure that when I update a part, it is actually updated?

Never mind, the trick to update the part is to save it as new part. That creates a new variant of the part. Doing so partly solved the issue with the misplaced silkscreen: some labels are still a bit off, but I can live with that.

Your best bet is likely to upload a copy of the .fzpz file for your new part here (upload button is 7th from the left on the tool bar in reply) so we can look at it and comment. Late versions of Illustrator (I use Inkscape so don’t know the version) have had a change in translate format that Fritzing can’t process which makes things move incorrectly (don’t know if that’s the problem here). In Inkscape there is an xml editor window and you can see if the silkscreen tag is still in the svg. Note if you change the svg file you do need to recreate the fzpz file (I usually use 7zip to do that), if you don’t the original svg will be still there and that too may be your problem.
If you upload the fzpz one or more of us will have a look and comment.