Mirrored LIDAR-Lite part


I’m using this part: LIDARLite-Fritzing-Part.fzpz (10.7 KB) , but I believe the wires/pins have been added in a mirrored/opposite order, possibly due to this SparkFun view drawn from below:


The actual order of the pins can be seen in this photo:

I don’t think it is very user-friendly to display one of the sensors in my system upside down. Does anyone have experience changing the names/connections on a part? I only need the breadboard view, so I guess i could try and edit the text on that file. What else should I change in order to correct the part properly?


Try this:
LIDARLite-Fritzing-Part-improved.fzpz (11.5 KB)

It’s not quite the same as the part you posted up, it’s actually the top view. I downloaded it from Sparkfun, but the connections were reversed. I just edited the breadboard.svg file and swapped the connectors around in inkscape. The connector aren’t colored, except for the red 5V, if you want them colored that would take a couple of mins of work, no big deal…


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Here are a few more improvements. It would be a good thing to offer the corrections back to the original author of the part (assuming they are still around, since the part seems to be from 2014.) If this is from the Sparkfun repository a pull request there would be in order.

LIDARLite-Fritzing-Part-improved-more.fzpz (7.8 KB)

this is a new part (different moduleId, family and file names) so it will load along side the other parts.



Rescale the svg to the standard. Change dimensions from px to in (as px can cause scaling problems) then rescale slightly to get the pins back on .1in boundaries, otherwise no changes (I didn’t change the wire colors either.)


Replaced it with a copy of a 6 pin header. The current pcb is misconfigured so it will only route on the bottom of the board and the pins are all ellipses and will not generate a hole in pcb, they are also not on .1in boundaries (top is the new part bottom the old here.)

and the gerber output

Note the original part (circled in red) has no holes (the pale circle in the other connections), isn’t on .1 boundaries and the traces aren’t connecting to the pads correctly


Replaced completely with a standard template. Changed the pins to exit on the right (for convention inputs on the left of a schematic, outputs on the right.) Add pin label names as well as pin numbers. Insured the terminalIds were set so the wires terminate on the end of the pin as they should (the original looks to have no terminalIds defined and thus terminates in the center of the pin.)


change moduleId add Fritzing version

added Mod to label (to change Part1 to Mod1)

changed family to LIDAR-Lite (sensor is likely a conflict)

changed file names to make this a new part with new moduleId and family

renumbered connectors to be sequential

remove unused terminalId for all breadboard definitions.

added missing schematic terminalId to pins 4 and 5



Thank you! I honestly don’t know how to make a pull request on a github repository, but I could create an issue linking to this forum post, would that work?

Try it and see! At worst they will request a pull request and I can arrange to do one (I can make the first pull request work, but I have trouble keeping the cloned repro in sync to do a second :slight_smile: .)


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