Mini DPDT Part Needed

Hello- Can someone make a mini DPDT part like this one here:

The pin spacing is the same as the SPST toggle in the Fritzing library, it just needs another verticle row.



I may be wrong but that switch looks like a panel mount switch that you solder wires to. It does not look like a switch you would mount to a PCB. They do make PCB mount switches like that but the legs look different.

Ok, let’s amend to this part:

Can anyone make this? Is there a sub that can be used in the Fritzing library? I feel this could be useful for others as well, as there doesn’t seem to be any option for a dpdt toggle…

Thank you for your help!


There is a three pole double throw toggle available here:

otherwise you (or someone) could swipe the breadboard svg for one of the Taiway toggle switches in core parts (which have a reasonable breadboard representation which is the difficult part) and modify the svgs to be double pole double throw reasonably easily.

(edit:) Mostly we would need the layout of the pins in pcb view (which likely means having the exact model number of the switch you want to use if you care about pcb) so the pin spacing on pcb is correct the rest is fairly simple.