Hello, I was wondering if anyone has, or could help make this part. Its a very uncommon package type so I wasn’t able to make my own.

While it is possible to make such a part, there doesn’t appear to be a recommended footprint in the data sheet and I doubt that Fritzing could route it if we had one. Fritzing only has two copper layers and this thing would appear to need many more than that to route the pins. It looks to be designed for something like an 8 layer board which Fritzing won’t support.


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Thank you for this. I’m really glad someone told me this before I made an entire circuit and couldnt trace it because of the 2 layer limitation lol.

I expect you need to look at something like Eagle (which I think supports up to 16 layers) rather than Fritzing. Note that the free version of Eagle I think has a size limitation as well.