Milone Technologies 8" eTape liquid level sensor

Downloaded Fritzing less than a week ago to make an illustration for a project using the 8" eTape. I’m sure that there are issues with it, but it did the trick for me.

eTape8in.fzpz (81.1 KB)

You are correct there are some issues, but for a first part surprisingly few :slight_smile: . In the netadata (all nits) family should be etape not Generic IC, pin spacing 300mil should either be deleted (as this isn’t a dip part and this is typically the spacing between the two rows of a dip) or set to 100 mil, varient should be 1 as this is the first. The descriptions of the pins should if possible be their function (that may not be possible in this case though), covered further in schematic below. The problems are all in the schematic svg (and again mostly minor and easy to fix). Pins 1 and 4 are reversed.
Pin1 should be connector0pin/terminal not connector3 (which should be connector3). Connector3 lacks a connector3terminal and all the terminals need their x coordinate to be set to 0 (so they are at the left end of the pin). In the test fzz file below I corrected pin 2 so that the terminal is in the correct place and connected wires to pins 2 and 3 to demonstrate the correct vs incorrect connection (pin4 is wrong because without a terminal deifined Fritzing defaults to the center of the pin line which happens to be the same as the defined terminals). It is probably desirable to show the internal resistors in the sensor connected to the correct pins so someone new to the part can see what they are dealing with. Below is a typical test sketch for a new part. I use a single row (and sometimes single connectors) to connect to each pin at an angle (to catch missing terminal definitions) and try both top and bottom connections on pcb (and export and check the gerbers which I did here without issue). Overall an excellent first part, hope this helps.

etape_test.fzz (84.7 KB)

the partly corrected part can be exported as an fzpz file from the temp parts bin of the sketch if you like.


Thanks so much for the helpful feedback! Hopefully I’ll get some time to fix things up tomorrow. I really appreciate the help!

I think this fixes the pin issues, and I have made the suggested changes to the metadata. I’ll mess with adding the resistors later. Thanks again for your help Peter.

eTape8in.fzpz (81.4 KB)

Looks fine. Always happy to help people make parts, we all win with more people making parts.