Microchip Xpress Development Board PIC16F18855

PIC16F18855 Xpress Development Board.fzpz (123.4 KB)

Information at: http://www.microchip.com/mplab/mplab-xpress

Looks not bad, but on schematic RB6 and RB7 have no active connections (although the pins exist) and they don’t appear anywhere on the breadboard side. It may be they are in use by the Poc18Lf25k which I assume is the USB/cloud connection (in which case perhaps they should be omitted from schematic).
It looks like schematic has pins only (no terminals) and thus a connection at an angle to the pin connects to the center of the pin. If you define a terminal and place it at the end of the pin then the wire will correctly bend around the end of the pin. The VSS /EP pins in schematic connect to something (I assume probably ground) but it isn’t a real connection in Fritzing and EP connects to a pin marked GND in breadboard one or the other label should probably change. Assuming (as is probably the case) that all the grounds are common, you may want to add a bus to the fpz file to interconnect all the grounds as well as the 3.3V and 5V pins (which again I assume are likely common).


Hi Peter,

Thank you for your suggestions. I have updated the part.PIC16F18855 Xpress Development Board.fzpz (117.8 KB)

Better but still a few problems (all but one of which I corrected):

  1. Schematic: changed the top level group id from g7 to schematic, deleted the paths showing the 3 ground connections as they aren’t rendering correctly anyway. Added missing ground connector43 (there are 4 ground pins not 3) which clears up the red square in schematic due to the missing pin.

  2. In the fpz file bussed







If you click on a bussed pin in breadboard all the ones bussed to it turn yellow as well and they are all connected together internally (as they are in real life).

  1. In breadboard did edit select all then group and named the group breadboard to set the layer ID (the only thing I know this breaks is svg export).

  2. PCB ungrouped everything as the copper layers were incorrect. Selected all the pins and grouped twice (once for copper1 and the second for copper0) and set the group ids as copper1 with copper0 inside it.

  3. Last but not least, edited all the svg files and did a global replace of px with “” as the pxs that Inkscape adds break fritzing (it sets the font size to 0 after a parts edit).

The one thing I didn’t fix is the pcb hole size which is currently .030 inch (and should be .038 to fit .1 inch square pins). The pads are set as a path rather than a circle and I don’t know how to increase the diameter of a path so I ignored it. You could copy in appropriate size pads from another svg if you wanted to fix it or leave it as is. In any case here is an updated fzpz of the changes above which now works in fritzing as far as I can see (we will see if anyone else sees more problems :slight_smile: ).

PIC16F18855 Xpress Development Board_1.fzpz (117.1 KB)


Hey Peter,

I appreciate the help. Still learning how to use this cool software!

I used the template of holes that Fritzing provides, but I will try to fix that as well as updating my individual files.



Always happy to help, the more people making good parts the better. If you can’t figure out how to do something feel free to ask there is a lot of knowledge here in the forums.


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Hey Vanepp, one last question. I remade the pad sizes, but when I upload the new PCB, the two linner columns of holes do not have the orange circle in the middle. Do you know why this may be? New Design.fzz (144.9 KB)

Yep, your pins are incorrectly defined in the fpz file. The ones that work are defined as pad (which I haven’t seen before but seems to work) and the inner ones are defined as female which may be OK if you want to be able to put this on the breadboard (which seems unlikely) as the pins will short with the outside set if set to male, but it does not show the red dot in pcb. I changed all of them pad and female to the more usual male in the part below. As well in the pcb svg, copper0 has become lost (it was currently set to g14) so I set that back to copper0 (I expect Fritzing would have gotten around to complaining about no copper0 at some point). As well I ungrouped some of the connectors (probably Fritzing’s doing, it likes groups.) While it won’t hurt anything, its harder to read and doesn’t do anything useful. Now it appears as expected.

PIC16F18855 Xpress Development Board_2.fzpz (136.3 KB)


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Hey Peter

I had fixed the copper issue, so I wonder why it reverted back. Good catch and thanks for the continued support!