Micro:bit wiht extension board from freenove

Hello, i am new to fritzing.

I am a teacher an in school we work with the BBC micro:bit. We bought these kits FREENOVE Ultimate Starter Kit for BBC Micro:bit LINK
Now ti seems, that i can not use fritzing with the extension board from the starter set.

Now for me there are two question: Is anywhere a part for this extension board that I dindn’t find? Or do I have to think about bying another extension board if i want to use fritzing?

Any help is welcom.

Thanks, Andreas

It should be easy enough for me to make a part for this. There are a couple of other breakout boards around but not this particular one it doesn’t appear.


Hello vanepp,

I would be very glad if you could build the part.

Maybe you have a wishlist…

Thanks Andreas

This should do what you need. Schematic has pins overlaid to cut down on the complexity (technically they should all be overlaid, but I left the right side 5v and GND pins as it makes more sense to have them.) There is no pcb view as it isn’t useful.

FREENOVE-MicroBit-GPIO-extension-board.fzpz (30.6 KB)


Great, thanks a lot.

No wishlist?


Not really, I tend to make anything I need.


I thought about something like an an amazon wshlist to say thank you…

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