Messed up PCB after reloading

Steps I took that resulted in the problem:

I spent 2+ hours working on a breadboard, schematic, and PCB. When I was done, I exported a gerber, looked at it on OSHPark, and saw that I had some work to do. I had exited Fritzing though, so I reloaded it, and opened my project.

A couple wires on the breadboard now showed dotted lines that weren’t there before, and many things on the PCB are messed up:

  • green circles where junctions in wires used to be, with wires no longer being connected. (many of these)
  • traces missing in some spots

What I expected should have happened instead:

I expected to open it and see what was there when I last saved!

My version of Fritzing and my operating system:

Latest Fritzing (0.9.2) on Windows 7 64 bit.

I’ll attempt to attach my project file if I can figure out how. (It requires the Adafruit library.)
Apparently .fzz files aren’t “authorized” to upload? I’ve attached a screenshot, highlighting some of the issues, and uploaded the project file to my site:

Here’s how the board looked when I exported the gerber and uploaded that to OSHPark. As you can see, the traces that are missing in Fritzing are there, before I closed Frizting and re-opened my project.
(Well, I would add it, but apparently new users can only add one image.)


I got the same on Ubuntu 14.04 and Fritzing 0.9.2b

It happened after exporting to gerber.

Hi guys, this is another instance of this very hard to catch issue:

We finally managed to fix it, the patch will be released in 0.9.3. Until then, whenever you encounter it, do not save the file but just close and re-open it. It’s a loading anomaly that only happens once in a while.

Great! Thanks for the update. I think it may be too late for my file, because I saved before I noticed the problem. :frowning: Do you have any rough idea when 0.9.3 might come out? If it’ll be a while, are experimental pre-release binaries available anywhere in the meantime?

I want to know the same thing, is there a estimated date where those patches will be released?

I had a similar issue after creating the pcb but not the schematic. After connecting all the wires in the schematic, the pcb view did not have a problem. Don’t know if this issue is related to my issue or not.

Well, also I noticed, that ANY export is messing the PCB. Even XML or SPICE… I could step back only because I store files in GIT, so I checked out old versions.

Well, while there is no update I got an workaround.

Close Fritzing. Open it again. Open good file. And then open broken file. It will be ok. Then save it.

Confirm. I just got the same issue.

Sorry guys, the release will be out in a few weeks. It’s tied to another feature (continuous part library updates) that we need to iron out.
The good news is that this release will also fix broken files!