Merge 2 pcb"s in 1 new file

I like to know if it"s possible to have 2 already designed pcb’s in a new file.
I designed 2 pcb’s and now I just want to interconnect them using Fritzing for making an understandable big picture!

Does anyone have experience in doing this?



You can put sketches together, but you can only Gerber 1 at a time.
Here I’ve added an interface PCB to my main PCB - I think I just boxed the interface, copied it, and pasted it into the main sketch.

Hello Old Grey,

Thanks for Your reply!
Do You mean I have to export it in Gerber first and then import it again into a new File?



To me it sounds like you’re trying to consolidate 2 different fritzing PCB designs into one? Did you try a select ALL, then a copy & paste? It should work… I bet if you play around a bit, you could make it work.

Yeah copy and paste like Racer said, it’s just when you go into production you will get an error if you try to make a single gerber with both PCBs. You have to select 1 at a time.

Hello Old Grey and Landracer,

Thank You a lot for Your feedback, I have tried to (Select all) and paste it into a new field and it works… however it’s very tricky because You can only locate the pcb one time and that’s where it has to stay.
So far so good, also tried to paste my pcb’s into the “Breadboard” field but that’s not possible as I just tried.

Thanks a lot for your ideas!



When you first paste it it is highlighted so you move it where you want in all 3 views, otherwise you have to box the parts, which is hard if the sketches overlap but possible using Ctrl click to unselect parts, and move it afterwards. BB paste works on mine.

Another way to move things in PCB view after pasting is to use sticky on PCB layer. Once sticky is enabled all the parts on top of it will move with the board without having to select the parts themselves. The only problem with this is if that sticky board goes under any parts you don’t want it to move they will end up stuck to the board for that entire session and you will have to reload Fritzing to unstick them.

When I am making break away boards and need to move the contents of one of the boards slightly I will create individual temporary boards under said contents and use sticky to rearrange them. Once I am satisfied I delete the temporary boards and you are left with the contents exactly where you wanted them without any of the parts shifting.