MD-PS002 request

hi there, did somebody make the MD-PS002 sensor for fritzing


Doesn’t look like it. There look to be several breakout boards, so we would need a pointer to the board you have / want to use to consider making a part for it. It is preferable to have a mechanical drawing of the board to make the part but sometimes a flat photo of the module (if the dimensions are listed) are enough.


Hoi Peter, bedankt voor je reactie,

The MD-PS002 is a sensor that can be used together with an HX711 board. The MD-PS002 sensor is actually the same as a load cell, 4 resistors in a quadrilateral. the HX711 is the green one I use, which I have not (yet) seen in Fritzing.

But I am a new user of Frizing so I am not yet fully aware of everything

The data sheet for the pressure sensor lack both mechanical dimensions and connections (there look to be 6 pins for a 4 wire bridge.) There is a post on the arduino forums about using it and probably (from an image on reddit) but the part doesn’t seem to be publicly available. OK, I found a data sheet and will try and make a part from it. It may be a week or so before I post it. A google search for “fritzing part hx711” turns up a part on github (which may or may not work.) To try it download the .fzpz file and load it in to friting via file->open and it should appear in your mine parts bin ready for use.


Hi Peter,

Yes, the MD-PS002 sensor is indeed not yet widely available. I bought mine on ebay (they are quite available on ebay). I was looking for a vacuum sensor but it was quite expensive, when I came across this sensor.
I am purely a hobbyist and this hobby has nothing to do with my professional work (I am a construction worker ;-)).

I enjoy making things with my son and we don’t have the urge to get something working at all, it’s just being busy.

Thank you very much for looking at it.
Gr Aak

Punch “fritzing part hx711” into Goo search and select image, then look for a FZ drawing and go to the site and see if there is a .fzpz or .fzz file there. There seams to be one there.

I meant there is a Fritzing part that shows up as an image but doesn’t seem to be publicly available. Here is an almost part :slight_smile: , the almost is that there isn’t any information on the pcb pad size or positions so ocb may not be correct. There is a png image of the data sheet with the pin numbers on the arduino site and this is produced from that. If the pads aren’t in the correct place, if you can tell me how far they should move in x and y I can correct them.

pm0002.fzpz (5.4 KB)

To use the part download the above .fzpz file and use File->open in Fritzing to load it. It will appear in the mine parts bin.


For the hx711 part one of the two referenced here should do (found via a google search for hx711):


Thank you so much Peter,
This is what I was looking for. Totally Super