I need a footprint of IC MCP9600 from Microchip.
Is a 20-lead MQFN .
I look for that in my librarie, even i found some qfn, the measures aren’t the sames of the datasheet.
Can somebody help me??
Thank You

Google is your friend. A google search for “fritzing part vqfn 20” turns up this post (it appears I made one for someone a while ago). If this doesn’t suit, post again and I will change the footprint.


thank you vanepp for the fast reply, but it doesn’t works to me

see this jpg with specs from Microchip
I’m not a expert, and don’t have skills to build it…:sleepy::grin::grin:
thank you

i have the files in all formats ( kicad, eagle, proteus, etc…etc…)…but nothing in fritzing format…:open_mouth:
if you need some file to convert, just ask me…ok
thank you

For a footprint it is usually easiest just to modify the existing footprint. The fritzing2eagle converter does a good job, but takes work to finish the conversion (at least in breadboard and schematic, pcb is usually pretty good as is). I’ll grab the original part and fix it up.

Edit: Since I doubt you will object to a complete part rather than just the footprint here is one. As always before ordering boards print the footprint out at 1:1 and check it against a real part (that may be a challenge in this case though :slight_smile: ). One note, I did not include the thermal vias on the thermal pad (I took heart from the “if implemented” in the data sheet.) The problem is vias need copper on the other side and smd parts only exist on copper1. It is probably possible to make that work if you really need them (I assume there should be a similar copper pad on the other side for more thermal compensation.) This may be exciting (as in “may you live in interesting times”) to route in Fritzing.

MCP9600.fzpz (11.2 KB)

test sketch:

test-Sketch.fzz (23.3 KB)

and the gerber output from the above sketch via gerbv:


Thank you…it works perfect!!

You are welcome, if you have problems routing (the recommended ground guards looked difficult to me) post again and we will see if one of the pcb experts can help.