MAX7219 8-Digit LED Display

Where can I find the part used for SPI connection to a MAX7219 8-Digit LED Display?

There are numerous tutorials on-line that appear to use Fritzing with this part but it seems very difficult to find.

Here are two examples:
How to use an 8-Digit Seven Segment Display with MAX7219 - Ardumotive Arduino Greek Playground

Arduino display module 7-segment 8 digits with MAX7219 |

The only part that seems to be around is this one

but it is an 8*8 matrix LED not seven segment. If the pin out is the same it will work, but breadboard won’t look correct.


Thank you, @vanepp , I noticed the same but it’s a little frustrating when giving written instructions to young people and they see something that doesn’t make the parts they were given.

If you have a data sheet or the web site of the module (to get connector information and dimensions of the part) you want I can easily enough make a matching part.


I take back that last message, the datasheet I found on Digikey is not what we’re using for this educational project. This is the correct datasheet for the Maxim7219 with an 8-digit display over SPI:
MAX7219 DS (

This is the exact part that I purchased for the kids to assemble: HiLetgo 2pcs MAX7219 8-Digital Segment Digital LED Display Tube for Arduino 51/AVR/STM32 : Industrial & Scientific

it’s a generic with likely 10’s of knock-off equivalents.

After vigorously scouring the internet, I found an SVG that’s pretty close:

Given the 8x8 LED module uses the same SPI interface I used that as a base and replaced the breadboard and Icon images with this one. The pins on the left are input (ingang) and the left are output (aus) in order from top to bottom: VCC, GND, DIN, CS, CLK

Greater dimensional accuracy, and metadata in general, would be nice, but at least this looks similar to what the kids will see when they work on it themselves.

First a part for the DFrobot part as it was finished before I saw your updated post but will likely be of use to someone else

DFR0646.fzpz (7.2 KB)

then a part for the part you actually want. There is an amazon india site with connection and dimension data (the url is in the part)

hiletgo-max7219-8digit-led-display.fzpz (7.0 KB)


Thank you, Peter, that’s exactly what we needed.

Now the kids working on this project will have a good set of images to help them along.