Massive Problems with SVG and Parts Creation

I’m trying to add a new part.
I’ve created part with adobe illustrator. if i add the svg image to the shematic in parts editor all looks fine.
After adding it to the shematic to create a circuit it only shows me a big red recktangle.
If i look on it on firefox or inkscape all looks good. What i’m doing wrong. Is there a documentation how to create a part correctly because the documentation won’t help me.
I’ve attached the svg’s i’m using

Thank you in advance

After the svg is added to FZ by Edit part, you have to assign the pins. Click the pin in the right hand box in FZ edit , press select graphic, click on the pin in the drawing, and the pick N,S,E,W in needed, and the save.

Stupid question, how do you get into FZ Parts Editor?

I downloaded the SVG files and can’t seem to get the parts editor on the menu to become ungreyed.

I want to see what @stim was trying to do.

You right-click on the part in the bins, or right-click the bins to import.

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Can the SVG file be imported in this manner? When I do those commands, It wants a FZ formatted file.

In Edit Part you add the svg by File/Load Image for view.