Making PCB with Aisler - is it broken?

Is “Amazing Assembly” broken with fritzing?

I recently ordered some pcb via Fritzing/Aisler, no problem. Last week I tried to order them assembled with parts and keep getting the error msg:

Unavailable due to missing assembly data. Please reupload your EDA project or contact our [support]

No reply yet.

Has anyone been able to order boards assembled with parts???


Hi @rc3105

Felix, co-founder of AISLER here.

Currently Fritzing does not provide the data packages (IPC-File, a proper P’n’P) required for automatic assembly ordering. This is an issue that is in the development pipeline at Fritzing as far as I know. Hence we currently need a special process for Fritzing design that requires manual hacking :wink:

For that I’ll have a short discussion with our sales guy that usually does this and let you know. Sorry for the fuss.


@rc3105 feel free to contact . please do add the AISLER link to the uploaded project so that he can help you directly.

@KjellM is there already an open issue for the IPC thingy on github that we can link to here?

I think you are referring to