Making pads without solder mask?

I would like to create capacitive touchpads that will be covered in solder resist. Is there a way to create custom pads that will be left out of the solder mask layer (so they will be covered with resist)? Thanks!

I realized that I can delete regions of solder mask in the final Gerber file using a Gerber viewer app, so this is an okay workaround for me for now.

I think every pad gets an std mask size.

I was mucking around with a single copper0 group, and when I Gerber Export it in Fritz it says that the mask is missing. I don’t know why there has to be 2 groups, copper0 and copper1, but maybe the copper1 group can alter the mask size.

Maybe you can add a circle over the pad with no fill and no stroke paint or style in copper0

I use KiCAD Gerbview to view Fritz Gerber exports and you can see the masks being added.

Copper1 is the top layer, copper0 is the bottom layer. On a single sided board you only need copper1, but it becomes the bottom layer (copper0). When you have a 2 sided board and switch it to a singled sided board, copper1 then becomes copper0, (the bottom layer). Through holes use both copper1 and copper0, but a solder pad can be put on top (copper1) or the bottom (copper0),

So far, I haven’t figured out a way to put a solder mask over a solder pad, I think it would need to be on the trace layer. If I figure out a way I will let you know…

I’ve got a part with extra groups in it :-
They are empty on mine but maybe they do something.

If I click on the contacts in Inscape XML editor is shows the attributes. Maybe you can add something there.

The mask seams to be a touch bigger than the copper so I’m thinking it might have something to do with the contacts in copper groups, Can you put a circles inside each contact circle.

There might be something in dwg - sparkfun-connectors_f25v_pcb.svg

If I Export Gerber it and open the bottom or top copper in Gerbview it shows the 25 copper THs’ but not the 2 mounting holes. If I then open the maskTop or maskBottom the 2 mount holes appear.

Looking in Inkscape XML edit I see 25 circles and 2 nonconn’s in copper0 and copper1.

Somehow Gerber knows copper from mask.