Making custom part: two questions on connectors

Hi there.

I’m totally new to Fritzing so please forgive any stupid questions/incorrect terminology.

I’ve been working on a Raspberry Pi project and am now writing up some instructions and wanted to include a wiring diagram. Unfortunately the Adafruit Perma-Proto Pi Hat isn’t in the Adafruit parts collection so I thought I’d have a go at making it myself.

I’ve made the SVG in Inkscape but have two questions:

  1. I’ve been assigning the connectors in the breadboard view of the editor. However, as there are about 300+ on the board, I thought I’d test it first before finding that it didn’t work! I’ve assigned connectors for the first four rows (from the top) but when I use the piece in the main program, I can’t connect to those connectors, instead the connection goes to the middle of the board. When I mouse over the piece it gives me the name of an unassigned connector so I’m guessing/hoping that this issue will disappear when all connectors are assigned (the image below shows the problem). Can anyone confirm if that’s correct?

  1. Is there a way to automatically assign connectors? Doing 300 manually is going to be slow!

If you have un-assign connectors, it will then think the whole board the connections and snap to the middle of the connection (your board). If all of the connections in you breadboard .svg and .fzp have the same ID name, then they will connect automatically. You need to close Fritzing and reopen it to establish the connections.

Thanks for replying, steelgoose.

I thought that might be the case so just set up the 300 odd connectors manually. Seems to work ok now.

Sounds like I may have missed a trick with the ID point!