Make the pin's name visible



Newbie with Fritzing, I was looking for how to make the pin’s name visible on the PCB?
(Just created a mystery componant, with two pins -input and output for example-, if their names are visible on the schematic, they are not visible on the board. So how to make them visible on the board?)

Thank in advance for you help and advices


In pcb view in the right hand window in core in the pcb view section near the bottom drag the text icon (third from the left) in to the board. When you click on (to select) the text on the board, in Inspector (the bottom right window) you can enter the text you want in the text window and it will change on the board (and be propagated to the silkscreen on the board). Most parts in pcb don’t have labels (because they can’t be removed if someone doesn’t want them without making a new part) and so you can add text if you want it.



Hi Peter,
Sorry for delay to answer you. My account was hod by the admin!

I would like to thank you for your help. I’ve found the text window, and because there is no other way to indicate the pin’s names I’ve used it.
In my opinion the text window is not comfortable to use. In addition, when you already have mentionned the pin’s names in the schematic view, it’s take time to re-write the same pin’s names in the PCB view. So why do we have to make the the same work twice?

For my first project that should work well. I’ve also to improve my experience with Fritzing.

Thanks again.


The idea is to not clutter up the silkscreen on the PCB with text that the user may not want. The text function in PCB view allows the user to add text only where they want it. That said, it is possible (although you have to modify the parts that you use which takes some work) to make a modified part which includes the text in PCB view so that you don’t need to add it again. The folks that created Fritzing don’t recommend doing this, but the capability to do so is there. To do so you need to modify the pcb svg of the part to add the text to it (which also has to be in the schematic svg, so isn’t as automatic as is perhaps desirable). The format of the svgs is fairly complex, but just adding text isn’t all that hard learning to use the svg editor (such as Inkscape) is more difficult if you aren’t familiar with it already.