Make connected wires more obvious

The wires in the center are connected at the junction but the dot indicating this is fairly small. Is there a way to increase the size of the dot?

temp.fzz (29.7 KB)

Not that I know of. Given there look to be multiple wires on each connection even the green (connected) indicators on all connections are not a guarantee, they may be generated by another connection. The safe bet is to click on one of the connections, everything Fritzing believes is connected will light yellow. In this case if clicking on the R3 pin connecting to C1 doesn’t light all of C1, R1 and R2 pins then you don’t have a connection.


Thanks Peter,
It’s for publishing the schematic in e.g. in pdf so readers can see it better.
So I’ll include fritzing file also if they wanted to see what’s going on

could use colours

this is kinds what was hoping for (kcad I think)

perhaps a fritzing improvemtent to suggest?

Yes, it probably would be. The larger dots indicate multiple connections, so it should be fairly easy to make the single connection dot somewhat larger (we may need to make both a bit larger to keep the difference) as it should be just a parameter change on the size of the dot I think not a larger code change.


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