Main Fritzing Form files

Hello, I’m looking to maybe make changes to the main fritzing form but can’t seem to find it in the files. Actually I only see two forms. I’m not familiar with QT at all so maybe that is why I’m having problems.

Can anyone point me to the form files where I can make some layout changes.



I am also in the same boat trying to “dive” in the fritzing source code. I opened the source codes, I moved around all those folders and files, I think I saw only two forms, not the main forms though. Not sure where they are, I did not see them. Have you been able to compile/build the source code with qt? Thanks

Hello, I don’t believe I tried to compile the code but I couldn’t figure out the source and didn’t have the time to learn all that so gave up.

It would have been nice if someone could point to a file or files where the forms code is but as you can see I posted 9 months ago and nothing.

Heck, I would consider paying a little to get some of the changes made or get in a group of people to pay for some changes. I know it’s a lot of work to do programming on something like this for free on your own free time.

If I had the knowledge I would be happy to make some changes, mostly minor to make things work a little better.

They have only been able to crack the problem that was not letting it compile last week.