[macOS Mojave] /bin/sh: find: command not found while trying to compile Fritzing

I’m trying to run Fritzing using Qt Creator, and while I resolved issue telling me that I’m using old version of Qt (I’ve deleted Qt 6.x.x and installed Qt 5.15.0), I get 2 new issues twice:
-1: error: /bin/sh: find: command not found
-1: error: /bin/sh: date: command not found

I tried brew install coreutils findutils but to no avail. Other than that I’ve provided PATH and QTDIR in ‘Build and Run’ Section and filled command line arguments. I had no problems compiling libgit2 and placed boost in the same folder as fritzing-app and fritzing-parts.
Thanks in advance.

Which Fritzing version are you trying to compile? 0.9.6 is the current version (and it is I believe using QT5.12.10. I don’t know of anyone other than the developer that have been successful compiling on MacOs the couple of people I know of trying eventually gave up (I have succeeded on Linux and Windows but not the Mac because I don’t have one.) You may be best moving this to an issue on Github here:

as the developers only look in the forums sometimes.


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Thanks, didn’t know that MacOS a pain to compile on. I cloned from git, so I presume it downloaded a developmental version or something.

I think by default you will get head which should be the latest development version. There aren’t many people I know of building from source on any system, so the sample size is unfortunately small :slight_smile: as well someone may have succeeded and not said anything here. Good luck! We need more developers!

edit: if you figure this out, please update the dev wiki here

as it currently doesn’t have anything very useful about compiling on the Mac.