Mac OSX and compressing fzpz

Hello everyone.
I’m pretty new here, but I was trying to fix a part that I have found of the Particle Photon.
However, when I export the part and just unzip it, then re-zip it, and try to import, it fails. Stating it can’t load part but if I just export and than try to import it, it says can’t import a duplicated part. This means that my re-ziping is doing something to the file.

I’m using latest mac 10.11 and using the built in compression tool.

Any help would be great, thanks!

Thanks Old_Grey,
My actual part I’ve renamed (a few times).

I tried to simplify the issue by explaining that when importing something that I haven’t made any change, I get a different error then if I just did a straight up import (after export).

Is there a way to see an import log in fritzing?

You can’t import the same part even if you rename it, that what the duplicate is.

Watch the video and rename the XML files.