Looking for Wemos Lolin32 OLED board


I was wondering aif anyone has created a Fritzing part for a Wemos Lolin32 OLED board that has an in-build OLED display as described in ESP32 Built-in OLED Board (Wemos Lolin32): Pinout, Libraries and OLED Control | Random Nerd Tutorials

I am pretty new on Fritzing and tried (and failed so far😒) to create a part that I will be able to use on a breadboard

This part should do what you need. Note that it was created from a jpg image as I can’t find a mechanical drawing (nor does this board appear on the Wemos site, making me wonder if it is a Wemos board …) so before ordering boards print out pcb view at 1:1 scale and check the footprint against a real part. Also if you want the mounting holes drilled you need to drag a hole in to your sketch and place it over the mounting holes (which are only in silkscreen.)

Wemos-Lolin32-OLED.fzpz (7.5 KB)