Looking for Wemos D1 R32 (ESP32 Uno)

Hi, looking for Wemos D1 R32 (ESP32 Uno).

Pictures in Google have something that already exists, but there is no where to download …

There should be what may be a part at

but it appears to be corrupted and won’t download. Other than that there doesn’t seem to be a part available at present. There is also not much information (it doesn’t appear on the Wemos site at all) such as pinouts available to make a part as well.

edit: found a site with the pinout and a decent png of the board. I will have a look at making one.


Thanks, but I saw it and this is not it ( .
D1 R2 - ESP8266
D1 R32 - ESP32

This should do what you want. Note the pcb pads for the interior 3 and 6 pads are almost certainly not correct as they were set from a jpg image and are thus not likely to line up. As well the mounting holes are only on silkscreen, if you want them drilled in a sketch you need to drag (and set the correct size!) a hole over the mark in silkscreen.

Wemos-D1-R32.fzpz (26.5 KB)


Thank you, this is what I need.