Looking for TTGO T-DISPLAY ESP32

New here and any help appreciated.

Looking for this part https://github.com/Xinyuan-LilyGO/TTGO-T-Display

I wish I could find a drawing but, no. I can design the circuit without it on a breadboard, it’s 24 pins standard spaced I guess. Will this software allow any old part on the breadboard that has the same pin configuration?

Welcome aboard. I don’t see such a part around and it appears different than the node mcu parts I have handy (making a clone of something existing more difficult.) The drawing is available here although the horizontal spacing of the pins is missing from the drawings:


as well the 8 pins at the top of the board are undocumented as far as I can see. If you only want the two 19 pin side bars and the horizontal spacing is .9in (I have seen esp32s with .9in, 1in, and 1.1in horizontal spacing) and don’t want a pcb, then a generic IC from core parts should do. It will appear in breadboard as IC by default with 8 pins and .3in spacing. However in Inspector (the lower right window) you can change number of pins to 38 and horizontal spacing to .9 which would give you a part, maybe even suitable for pcb use if you don’t need the top 8 pins. You can then edit the pin labels to label them according to the pin out in the above web page. PCB view will have IC holes (0.030 or 0.035in) rather than .1 header holes (0.038in), but given the part that is easy to change (at least for me, perhaps less so for you.) The alternative is a custom part which is fairly difficult to learn to make. If I had something close and more information than appears on the their web page I could make such a part, but I so far haven’t found a node CPU type part with 19 pins on a side (and as noted don’t know the horizontal spacing of the pins.) If you have a board and know the horizontal spacing I’ll consider hacking something I have that sort of matches up.

edit: Developing Checkpart got frustrating, so you got a part :slight_smile: . Of note is if you are using pcb and want the mounting holes, you need to drag in a hole from core parts and place it over the mounting hole in silkscreen in pcb. By default the mounting holes are not drilled. As well print out and check the pcb footprint against a real board before ordering boards.

Edit: this part is actually the TTGO-T-DISPLAY-GD32 not the TTGO-T-DISPLAY so I have replaced it with a new part for the TTGO-T-DISPLAY-GD32. The TTGO-T-DISPLAY part is later in this thread.

ESP32-TTGO-T-DISPLAY-GD32.fzpz (11.6 KB)


This is the wrong part. The TTGO T-Display with an ESP32 is this:


I’m searching for a fritzing part for this.


The provided part file is not “wrong”. It is just not the one that you want.

If you want a timely, and accurate, response for requests for new or changed parts, have a look at (and follow) the information in FAQ: Where can I find “specific part”. Do at least the preliminary research yourself, and provide the results from that here, so that everyone trying to help out does not need to repeat the research, and guess which results actually might match what you want.

I think it is misfiled here. A Google search for TTGO T-Display brings you to this forum post. But the thread creator is explicitly looking for a fritzing part for the TTGO T-Display ESP32 in the title!

But the Fritzing part linked here is for the TTGO T-Display GD32!

So provide those sorts of details instead of just saying it is “wrong”. It might be badly named. I have not looked at the part file. I currently have no need for either a GD32 or ESP32 TTGO T-Display part.

Which also gets back to being explicit about what you are looking for, and try to provide information about similar things that could be misinterpreted as matching what you are looking for. Product (store) links are often poor sources of the details to properly create a part. Different sources often name things differently, or use the same name but for a different part. As well as being lacking in the dimension information needed for part creation.

It appears you are correct, I got the wrong part on the LilyGO web site. The original poster didn’t point that out for whatever reason. It is easy enough for me to modify the original part in to a ttgo-t-display part once someone points out the error (as @microMerlin, I don’t have either part, so depend on feedback from the person that wants the part!)


These things happen. Your work is still good! With my contribution I just wanted to help that the people involved get the chance to improve the value of this thread.


Here is the (hopefully correct) TTGO-T-DISPLAY part (I renamed the original part to TTGO-T-DISPLAY-GD32)

ESP32-TTGO-T-DISPLAY.fzpz (8.9 KB)


How cool! Thank you for the part! Is it possible to send you a small Paypal donation?

I don’t have a paypal account, but a donation to Fritzing (I think the download page is the only way currently) would be appreciated and support Frtizing development.


I have a very dumb question regarding to adding a TTGO to Fritzing.
If I am designing a PCB and add this new part mentioned on this forum, and order a PCB from Fritzing Fab, will it:
a) come with the TTGO on the PCB (I guess not,…)
b) come with the wholes equivalent to those on the part, so I can mount the TTGO on top by soldering it, or
c) come with the pin headers so that I can just connect the headers of the TTGO to it?

Yes, the question is stupid, but I never know if I should add a part, or just the pin headers so I can add the part later…

No, you guess correctly, the fab will supply only the pcb.

Yes, the holes for the TTGO in this case sized correctly to take 0.1in header pins so you can either solder in the TTGO (which I wouldn’t recommend) or male or female 0.1in headers and plug the TTGO in to the headers on the board.

No, AFAIK the fab only supplies the pcb, you need to supply the headers to connect to the TTGO.

The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask :slight_smile:

Usually it is best to add the part as you then (assuming the part is correct) get the connections in schematic and breadboard. It is a good bet before ordering boards (especially with parts from the forums or the net, but even for parts in core parts as they aren’t all correct at present) to check the drill.txt file in the gerber output and make sure the hole sizes are correct. I can tell you that the TTGO part has the correct 0.038in holes for headers because I made the part, but it is still best to verify that in the gerber drill.txt file.


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Thank you so much for such a detailed and informative answer, @vanepp! I was doing the mistake so far of adding pin header for the things I needed because I was afraid of adding the parts and that would end up in trouble when manufacturing, but I will now use parts, which seems way more logical.
Have a great week!