Looking for TTGO T-DISPLAY ESP32

New here and any help appreciated.

Looking for this part https://github.com/Xinyuan-LilyGO/TTGO-T-Display

I wish I could find a drawing but, no. I can design the circuit without it on a breadboard, it’s 24 pins standard spaced I guess. Will this software allow any old part on the breadboard that has the same pin configuration?

Welcome aboard. I don’t see such a part around and it appears different than the node mcu parts I have handy (making a clone of something existing more difficult.) The drawing is available here although the horizontal spacing of the pins is missing from the drawings:


as well the 8 pins at the top of the board are undocumented as far as I can see. If you only want the two 19 pin side bars and the horizontal spacing is .9in (I have seen esp32s with .9in, 1in, and 1.1in horizontal spacing) and don’t want a pcb, then a generic IC from core parts should do. It will appear in breadboard as IC by default with 8 pins and .3in spacing. However in Inspector (the lower right window) you can change number of pins to 38 and horizontal spacing to .9 which would give you a part, maybe even suitable for pcb use if you don’t need the top 8 pins. You can then edit the pin labels to label them according to the pin out in the above web page. PCB view will have IC holes (0.030 or 0.035in) rather than .1 header holes (0.038in), but given the part that is easy to change (at least for me, perhaps less so for you.) The alternative is a custom part which is fairly difficult to learn to make. If I had something close and more information than appears on the their web page I could make such a part, but I so far haven’t found a node CPU type part with 19 pins on a side (and as noted don’t know the horizontal spacing of the pins.) If you have a board and know the horizontal spacing I’ll consider hacking something I have that sort of matches up.

edit: Developing Checkpart got frustrating, so you got a part :slight_smile: . Of note is if you are using pcb and want the mounting holes, you need to drag in a hole from core parts and place it over the mounting hole in silkscreen in pcb. By default the mounting holes are not drilled. As well print out and check the pcb footprint against a real board before ordering boards.

ESP32-TTGO-T-DISPLAY.fzpz (11.6 KB)