Looking for trm-121a.fzpz

does anyone have a trim-121a part?
it is a digital radar module equipped with an IPM-165 radar module.

Since a google search for trim-121a doesn’t turn up any radar module, no. We would need a web reference preferably with a mechanical drawing to the module you want.

edit: Apparently you have to search for “Digital Radar Module TRM-121A” to find the Korean site that sells this module (then translate it!) so here is a part. It is made from the jpg image so the mounting holes may not be quite correct, so before ordering boards print out the pcb footprint at 1:1 scale and check it against a real board. Also if you want the mounting holes drilled you need to drag a hole (from the pcb section of core parts) in to the sketch and set it to the correct size. The mounting holes are only on silkscreen and will not be drilled by default.

Digital-Radar-Module-TRM-121A.fzpz (16.5 KB)


Thank you so much!!!
i made ​a typo… sorry. :sob:

I used the trim-121A from the main body and google didn’t find that until I found the Digital Radar Module TRM-121A on the correct web site in a search for the IPM-165 radar module. I don’t know why google didn’t find the shorter term but it doesn’t seem to.