Looking for these parts

HI i am looking for a 5v power bank module and a sim800l The sim that is in parts now does not have the same connections as the red sim800l with the antenna.

I have seen these parts used in the design so I was wondering if anyone knows where they may be. I have used google search and searched for these parts with no luck, Any help is appreciated Thanks

You need to provide a web page which has the modules you want before much that is useful can be done. A google search for “5v power bank module” brings up a lot of them. I assume the red sim800l is the alternate to the 800lV2 I made for someone a while ago, but a url to the unit you actually want would be required to do anything useful since that may not be what you want.


Thank you for responding here is a link to each part. Sim800L


Here is the 5v

After I made this module, I read the sim800l manual. The sim800l under some circumstances can draw 2A and thus this power supply is not big enough. There are 2A boost modules readily available some even have Fritzing parts (the lm2596 for instance, which is recommended in the data sheet, is on core parts.) In any case here is the requested booster as it is made now.

0.9v-5V-booster-usb-output.fzpz (6.3 KB)

on to the GSM module.


Problem number2, the GSM module wants 4V not 5V


Supply voltage: 3.8V - 4.2V
Recommended supply voltage: 4V

The LM2596 is a step down regulator and thus would need 5V to produce a 4V output. You could (as they suggest) use a LIPO battery (3.7 to 4.2V) directly. Otherwise depending on your input voltage you may need to find a 2A adjustable output boost/buck module (which can take an input voltage both lower or higher than the output voltage) to power this. There are lots of such modules available and may be some with Fritzing parts. If not they are easy to create.


OK here is the Sim module. Note the pin placement is from a jpg file and may well not be correct. Before ordering boards print out the footprint at 1:1 scale and compare it to a real board to make sure the pins are in the correct place.

sim800L-red-breakout-module.fzpz (7.9 KB)


Wow , I’m a little shocked Thank You so much that was really nice of you .

Thx for sharing with link!