Looking for STM32 32, 64, and 144 pin boards

Hello, a few years ago someone posted Nucleo-64 boards on the forum. Does anyone have the fritzing part? Here’s the reference: https://www.digikey.be/en/maker/projects/getting-started-with-stm32-i2c-example/ba8c2bfef2024654b5dd10012425fa23
Appreciate it if someone uploads it

It appears to want a

Note that any Nucleo board may be used, but steps are shown for the Nucleo-L476RG.

Nucleo-L476RG and there doesn’t appear to be a Fritzing part for that particular board. Your best bet is probably to use one of the existing stm boards (but you would likely need that physical board as well) otherwise you would need a new part for the Nucleo-L476RG assuming that is the board you want to use. A google search of the form “fritzing part Nucleo-L476RG” or other stm board name should turn up any Fritizng parts out there). A search for stm32 in the forum search box turns up around 14 hits for the various boards posted here. If one of them will do you the part should be downloadable from the forum.