Looking for seat occupany sensor

Anyone have this as a fritzing part?

No, and we would need a data sheet with dimension and connection information (a picture like this is basically useless!) to make one.


Hi Peter,
Thanks for the quick response.

Sorry. I had no intention to ask anyone to build it. I looked at few instructions for creating parts but quickly gave up. WAY above my skill level. I saw where others asked about various parts and were pointed to existing ones that worked. Kept my fingers crossed and thought I’d ask.

FWIW - here’s the pix with size noted. It seems to be a switch rather than a pressure sensor. I put it under the cushion on a chair to turn a reading light on and off when someone sat in the chair.


This part should do what you want.

seat-occupancy-sensor.fzpz (5.3 KB)



This is perfect @Vanepp.

Thank you!