Looking for SBC-NodeMCU-ESP32

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a part called SBC-NodeMCU-ESP32.
Here is a picture:

Thanks in advance.

There are a number of node mcu parts around (I have done at least 6 over the years.) There are at least 3 different widths .0.9in, 1in and 1.1in and varying numbers of pins. A google search of the form “fritzing part sbc nodeMCU ESP32” or with a more complete part number for your actual board should turn something up. This pin out doesn’t match the couple of parts I have sitting around though, so there may or may not be one available.


I have already googled it and don’t found the part SBC-NodeMCU-ESP32. I hoped if someone have such a part or can make the SBC-NodeMCU-ESP32.

Then you need to google “fritzing part nodeMCU” or the like, and download the parts that show up and see if one of them matches the pin outs and spacing for your particular board. If none of them do (and as noted there are a bunch in various configurations over the years) then either you or one of us would need to modify an existing part to match what you have. To modify a part we would need a mechanical drawing for the exact board you have (which are sometimes difficult to find.)


Specifically this part that I fixed a couple of years ago appears to be the board you have:

Both the pitch (1in ) and pin names appear to match your board.


Is there maybe a more similar part for what I am searching? I found this pdf https://joy-it.net/files/files/Produkte/SBC-NodeMCU-ESP32/SBC-NodeMCU-ESP32-Manual-20200320.pdf, this could maybe helpful.

I highly doubt it. The part referenced above has slightly different components (which make no difference to Fritzing) but the same size, pitch and pin layout as your board.

the image on the left is the fritzing part above, the one on the right is from


which has the dimensions of the board (which look to me to match.) There doesn’t appear to be a part for this specific board (probably because the current part serves.) What exactly do you need to be more similar?


I’m having doubts that it don’t have the full functionality as the right one and have to be used differently.

Can you give an example of what functionality you think is missing? As far as I can see the connectors are identical and the connectors are all that Fritzing uses. The board physically looks slightly different, but that makes no difference to Fritzing.


Like the temperature or hall sensor, but I guess it’s not possible.

Now I am having another question that I have encountered and thought it will also fit this current question:

I wanted to know how to program an esp32 using the built-in IDE in fritzing. There are some IDEs for arduinos in fritzing, so I am searching for somthing like those IDE for the esp32 in fritzing. Do I need to install somthing to make a built-in IDE run with esp32?

Presumably (I’m not all that familiar with ESP32s) they are accessed by either the spi or i2c buses using the I/O pins and software. Thus as far as Fritzing is concerned support is already there.

If the Arduino IDE can support the esp32, then that should work in Fritzing. If (as I think is the case) it uses its own IDE, then someone would need to add that IDE in to the code tab in Fritzing (and I’m not aware of anyone having done so) so the answer is probably no at this point. I think adding a new IDE to the code window requires a source code change and thus a new release of Fritzing. There is some documentation on the development wiki about adding new IDEs.


So there is no chance to develop in fritzing with the esp32?

Not that I am aware of, although someone more familiar with the ESP32s may have a suggestion. I think at present you have to use the ESP32 IDE to write and load the code in to the ESP32 outside of Fritzing.


Ok, thank for your replies