Looking for RPLIDAR A1 , LIDAR scanner

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a part of scanner LIDAR , directly RPLIDAR A1 from Slamtec (RPLIDAR-A1 360°Laser Range Scanner _ Domestic Laser Range Scanner|SLAMTEC). Any help is appreciated!

This part I made last year looks like it should do what you want.
edit: Replace the A2 part with a new A1 part.

RPlidar-A1M8.fzpz (108.6 KB)


Hi, thank you for response. I had see that part. But unfortunately my scanner has 2 connection , first one is 4 pin , and the second one is 3 pin, the third one is not necessary. In attachment two picture.

I have found something which is similar to what i need but could not find, a part for Fritzing.

OK, I have replaced the part above with an A1 version. I think the placement of the pins is correct but it is worth a check (the pins are shown in the data sheet from the bottom not the top!) The position is approximate, if you want to use them in pcb first print out the pcb footprint at 1:1 scale and check the positioning! Also the mounting holes are only on silkscreen, if you want mounting holes in pcb you need to drag a hole form core parts/pcb over the hole in silkscreen in pcb view and set the appropriate size (probably 3mm.)