Looking for / Requesting a part - EC25 Hollow Shaft Rotary Encoder (ALPS EC25 SRGP200200)

I’ve searched but couldn’t find one myself, so I guess you could possibly call this a request if no one can point in the direction of one existing. I’m looking for PCB version of ALPS EC25 SRGP200200

Has anyone come across these before?

This part should do what you want. Note the center hole is not drilled in pcb, if you want the shaft going through the board you need to drag a hole from core parts/pcb in to the sketch and set the size appropriately.

ALPS-EC25-SRGP200200.fzpz (4.2 KB)


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That’s amazing, thank you so much!

@vanepp Quick question - are the rear pins not needed? (I only ask as there’s no pins/tht for those 2 in the part)

They are mounting tabs (and present as holes) not pins. The front three are the only pins. The 4 holes (circled in red) are for mounting tabs it appears not connections (and thus no pads)

the 4 holes circled in red are only holes (no pads), as noted the center shaft is only on silkscreen (circled in blue and not drilled.) There don’t appear to be connections to the 4 pins and the footprint did not specify pads (although they are easy enough to add if desired.)


Ahh ok - I could see they were not usable pads, but in PCB view, they are gold rather than black, so assumed that meant they were copper areas, and not mounting holes (Meaning I’d have to cut the pins off rather than being about to mount as it). Centre hole made sense :slight_smile: