Looking for Raspberry Pi PICO part

Thank you so much @vanepp! super helpful :nerd_face: using this one for a circuit design to make a photography turn table how to video on YouTube :slight_smile: much appreciated!

This is terrific @vanepp thanks so much – I’m using the SMD part in a mech keyboard design right this very moment!

While I think the footprint is correct (it was copied from the footprint the RPI folks used in their VGA card) it is safest to print the pcb out at 1:1 scale and check it against a real part as I don’ t have one before ordering boards.


Thanks, I did print it for scale and it all lines up great.

Hi @vanepp a quick follow up, the part worked perfectly for the PCBs I had made. I wrote up a guide on using Fritzing to make a Pico mechanical keyboard here. https://learn.adafruit.com/diy-pico-mechanical-keyboard-with-fritzing-circuitpython/overview
Also, huge thanks to you for your series on Fritzing part creation, it helped me a lot in figuring out how to revise the Cherry MX keyswitch part.

The guide looks very good! One minor nit, you don’t need to preload the custom parts

“You can download the full Fritzing file here, just make sure you’ve already imported the Cherry MX part and the Pico part”

The .fzz file includes the two custom parts and will load them automatically in the temp parts bin:

As long as the mine parts bin is in the same part as the temp parts bin there shouldn’t be a problem, but different parts can cause a problem if Fritzing uses the wrong one (Fritzing may prefer the mine parts bin over temp I think!) I ran in to this once when someone had different versions of the part in the mine and temp parts bins.


Oh, great tip, thank you! I’ll update the guide.