Looking for raspberry pi 5 fritzing part

Hello Fritzing Community,

I am currently working on a project that involves the Raspberry Pi 5, and I am in need of its Fritzing part for my circuit design. I have searched through the Fritzing parts library and online repositories but have not been able to find the specific part for the Raspberry Pi 5.

If anyone has created a Raspberry Pi 5 part for Fritzing or knows where I can find one, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am specifically looking for a part that accurately represents the pin layout and dimensions of the Raspberry Pi 5 to ensure my design is accurate.

Additionally, if there are no existing parts, I would be grateful for any guidance or resources on how to create a custom Fritzing part for the Raspberry Pi 5. I am relatively new to Fritzing and would appreciate any tips or tutorials that could help me in this process.

Thank you in advance for your help and support.

This part should do what you want. Note the POE pins may be incorrect as they aren’t documented yet, so they are a copy of those on the 4B which may not be correct. Because I don’t have a PI5 before ordering boards print the pcb footprint out at 1:1 scale and check it against a real board.

edit (Dec 20 2023)

reverse the usb connectors as they are in the wrong order. If you have downloaded this part before the correction data please delete the old part and shutdown Fritzing (to completely delete the part.) then download and load the corrected part.

Raspberry-Pi5.fzpz (55.3 KB)


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Thank you, Peter. The part is very nice. However, I noticed that the USB interface part has the interfaces of USB3 and USB2 reversed. It is customary to use blue to indicate USB3.

You appear to be correct. I just posted a corrected part in the original post.

original breadboard

new breadboard


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