Looking for Proxmark3 RDv2

I want to first say - I am very thankful of the people on this forum. I know these part request can take up valuable time in the day. I am looking for a Proxmark3 RDv2 setup. I know there isn’t a publicly available data sheet - I am just looking for something close to demonstrate a project I am working on that incorporates the use of the device.

Here is the information on it -


Technical sheet: (Not a data sheet)

The problem with making a part for this is that there is no I/O that is useful to Fritzing. It appears the I/O is a USB connection to a host (other than the jlink connector for debug which you probably aren’t using) there is no data path that I can see other than the USB connection to the host which isn’t useful in Fritzing.


You are probably correct - I am unsure if the LF / HF antenna outputs would be considered a data point. I have discovered a RFID antenna from a different project I was able to incorporate. I could upload an image of my project to show what I am trying to complete.

Don’t mind the specifics around the LEDs (image below) - I’m still finalizing it. This is really to be used as a overall diagram of project I am working on.

Just looking for a board structure that would look similar to the Proxmark RDv2 so I can incorporate it after the USB Power Control board. This is to be used for a presentation to ensure viewers are able to understand the layout of the project.

Then this should do what you need. It has no schematic or pcb only breadboard and no connectors.

promarkIIIV2.fzpz (25.5 KB)


Thank you so much @vanepp!